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Gradient-Domain Bidirectional Path Tracing

Proc. Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, 2015


Marco Manzi Markus Kettunen Miika Aittala 
Jaakko Lehtinen 
Fr├ędo Durand 
Matthias Zwicker 
 University of Bern
Aalto University 
Aalto University
Aalto University, NVIDIA
University of Bern 


Gradient-domain path tracing has recently been introduced as an efficient realistic image synthesis algorithm. This paper introduces a bidirectional gradient-domain sampler that outperforms traditional bidirectional path tracing often by a factor of two to five in terms of squared error at equal render time. It also improves over unidirectional gradient-domain path tracing in challenging visibility conditions, similarly as conventional bidirectional path tracing improves over its unidirectional counterpart. Our algorithm leverages a novel multiple importance sampling technique and an efficient implementation of a high-quality shift mapping suitable for bidirectional path tracing. We demonstrate the versatility of our approach in several challenging light transport scenarios.


publication, results and comparisons, slides


Avalilable on the gradient-domain path tracing project page.

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