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Hand-Held 3D Light Field Photography and Applications

Daniel Donatsch, Siavash Bigdeli, Philippe Robert, Matthias Zwicker
The Visual Computer (Proceedings of Computer Graphics International 2014)

Hand-held 3D light fields


We propose a method to acquire 3D light fields using a hand-held camera, and describe several computational photography applications facilitated by our approach. As our input we take an image sequence from a camera translating along an approximately linear path with limited camera rotations. Users can acquire such data easily in a few seconds by moving a hand-held camera. We include a novel approach to resample the input into regularly sampled 3D light fields by aligning them in the spatio-temporal domain, and a technique for high-quality disparity estimation from light fields. We show applications including digital refocusing and synthetic aperture blur, foreground removal, selective colorization, and others.


publication, supplemental material, presentation

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